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Swedish Massage

A Swedish Massage session can last from 60 to 90 minutes and it always is tailored to your individual needs.

A short 15 minutes Consultation, which helps me to establish your massage needs, is FREE of charge.

I provide all equipment that is necessary to perform a professional massage at your home.

The great benefit of Swedish Massage at the comfort of your own home is that right after the session you can dive into your sofa and enjoy the moment of the blissful state of rest.

Having massage is a natural way of helping your body to find balance and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Swedish massage relaxes the body by manipulating muscles in gliding strokes. It involves pressure and manipulation with the therapist’s hands, palms, forearms and elbows in kneading motions, tapping, stretching, or long smooth strokes.

Swedish massage does not only affect your physical body but also offers mental and emotional benefits. Stress is relieved, relaxation is achieved, and the mind is allowed to rest.

Some of the benefits of Swedish massage:

- relaxes the body                             - provides a feeling of well-being

- relieves stress                                 - improves concentration

- reduces anxiety                              - loosens tight muscles

- promotes sleep                               - reduces mental stress

- stimulates the release of endorphins

Mobile Massage Service by Holistic Massage Therapist near Morden, Wimbledon

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